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Gujarat is a vibrant and colorful land and this is reflected most in the passion, Gujaratis have for their food wherever they go. It is no wonder Gujarati food especially farsans and namkeens are a staple snacks not only among locals but also among Indian residing overseas as well. No one recognizes Gujarati’s love for authentic taste of snacks and sweets other than Gujaratfood.com. It aims to satiate all your taste buds with the convenience of availability when you crave for it. Now go and spoil yourself real bad!

Some of the Popular Gujarati Snacks are-

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Dhokla is one of the most popular snacks not only among Gujaratis but also among non-Gujaratis. It is a symbol of Gujarati food.

Khandavi is another popular Gujarati snack among people who prefer light flavor in place of heavy spices.

Khamman is a Gujarati, which is both sweet and spicy, and people love it for its double flavors.

Fafda is another very popular Gujarati Snack and makes a great combination with Jalebi and is a specialty of Dussehra celebrations.

Khakhras are thin crackers hand made, roasted and crunchy snack served during the breakfast.

Chorafali is one of the most irresistible traditional Gujarati snack with sour and spicy seasoning, typically enjoyed during Diwali.

Ghanthia, made from gram flour is another popular Gujarati teatime snack.
Gujaratis can give Bengalis a tough competition when it comes to sweets. 

Some of the popular sweets are- 

Mohanthal is popular besan barfi or gram flour fudge prepared during festivals.

Jalebi is such a popular sweet all over India and best goes with Fafda, which serves as a typical Gujarati breakfast.

Sutarfeni or shredded vermicelli is another sweet, which is served on special occasions.

Sukhadi is a very energetic sweet dish made with dates and Jaggery.

Halwasan is a traditional recipe of Gujarati regions, prepared with wheat porridge and milk, enriched with dry fruits and can be prepared easily for any festival.

Mysore pak is a rich sweet dish prepared in Ghee, from Southern India, usually served as dessert.

Ghari is a sweet dish, made into round shapes with sweet filling and is to be consumed on Chandani Padva festival.

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