Friday, 17 January 2014

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Jagdish Farsan -

Buying Indian snacks online has now become an easy way to get things of one’s choice. You don’t have to go outside in any super market or any super store to get the things of your choice. Just one click and you place an order! It’s easy and time saving too. No need to stand in a queue, or climb stairs of the store, the order reaches you at home. Many times we go to the shop or store taking certain list with us, and end up buying thins beyond our list, but here, one can buy only those things that are useful or needed.

Parshwa Khakhra -
Plain Khakhra
Buying things online is an apt way to shop. You can order things from anywhere around the world. You need not be physically present there to buy things. If you are going to reach home late, you can order your food online, and it shall each you in given time. No need to carry cash with you each time you shop, not even your cards, just click on the item and pay online or on home delivery. Online shopping is not useful to just customers, but it is useful for storekeepers too. As they get to know the choice of their customers. One can serve the customer with ease.

Madhur Namkeen -
Plain & Namkeen Khajli
Many time telephones don’t work properly, at such times, an order placed is not heard properly, it can cause problems, but here, no need of telephonic wire or even wireless phone, just a click of a button on the order and yeah, the order reaches the concerned person within no time!

Shree Rajeshwari Sweet Mart -
Sev Mamra
You can also check out for more food items at a time and also can order them if you want to. Also one can check on their balance or bill before finalizing the order. And yes, no language barrier too. You can just click on the desired food item and get it freeze it for you. And easy menu management too.


Ordering food online is not just an easy way for customers, but for store keepers, hoteliers too:
  • They don’t have to ask the order to repeat
  • Since no language barriers, hence no miscommunication between customers and order takers.
  • One can even check for more orders while delivering the given orders.
  • Easy to understand what actually the customer wants.
  • More convenient than telephonic conversation.
  • Best way to bind costumers and increase the numbers too!
So we say, buying food online is really the best way, we hope you agree with us, don’t you?

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